CAA Board of Directors

The CAA leadership embraces the following core values: stewards of quality, best practices and evidence‐based solutions; dedicated to leadership and collaboration; supporters of effective competition; and committed to a culture of compliance and sound governance.

  1. Ultimate responsibility for the Association rests with the Board of Directors.
  2. The Board is responsible for all activities of the Association and the fiscal integrity of the Association. This responsibility is recognized by state and federal law.
  3. The appropriate role of the Board is to establish and adhere to policies that will ensure that it fulfills its legal and professional obligations.
  4. The Board should set the tone for dynamic and aggressive leadership.
  1. Ensure that the needs of the membership are met.
  2. Approve and evaluate programs and activities.
  3. Plan the CAA's future direction.
  4. Establish policies to guide the operations of the Association.
  5. Establish financial objectives and monitor progress.