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Successful business leaders know that the business environment, the healthcare sector and the EMS industry are evolving at an ever-increasing pace. At CAA, we are dedicated to providing members with the essential tools, information, resources, and solutions to help your business grow and prosper.

  • Leadership on Statewide Legislative and Regulatory Issues
  • Targeted Conferences & Educational Programs
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The CAA’s collective efforts on statewide issues which benefit all ambulance providers are not possible without strong membership support and engagement. Membership offers successful business leaders opportunities to seek out trends and innovations, find creative solutions to today’s tough challenges and stay competitive. Join the only statewide organization that serves the interests of private enterprise emergency and nonemergency ambulance services in California. 

Membership Categories & Dues Amounts

Active Member ($300 per licensed ambulance, maximum amount of $10,000 annually) - Any person, partnership, or duly existing and qualified corporation conducting and operating a private ground ambulance business for profit or non-profit. Only Active members shall have the right to vote and hold office.

Non-Emergency Member ($250 per licensed ambulance, maximum amount of $10,000 annually) - A ground ambulance service that is certified or authorized by the County EMS Agency and provides and bills only for non-emergency ground ambulance transport services except when emergency transport is required due to disaster, mass casualty or mutual aid request. Non-emergency companies may opt to join as active members, which entitles them to vote and hold office.

Public Agency Member ($300 per licensed ambulance, maximum amount of $10,000 annually) - An ambulance service owned/operated by a government entity.

Associate Member ($750 annually) - Volunteer Ground Ambulance Service; an Air Ambulance Service; a county or regional emergency medical services agency; or an ambulance service which operates wholly outside of California.

Commercial Member ($750 annually) - Any person, partnership or duly existing and qualified corporation, manufacturing, renting, selling equipment or providing services used by private professional ambulance providers.