Education Committee

To create, identify, and disseminate high quality educational content related to executive, operations, and payer issues within the ambulance industry.

To facilitate the delivery of pertinent educational material via webinars, conventions, and other formats leading to improved understanding and knowledge of the ambulance industry, quality measures, and data that are relevant and helpful to ambulance executives, operations leadership, and ambulance billing personnel.

CAA Content Committee Meeting Occurs on the first Thursday of every month at 9:00 AM
Please email [email protected] to request call-in information.


Committee Members

Steve Melander, Chair & Conference Co-Chair
Steve Grau, Conference Co-Chair
Carly Alley
Hasieb Lemar
Brian Meader
Eb Muncy
David Murphy
Josh Nultemeier
Mark Reece
Paul Willette
James Pierson, Ex Officio
Rob Lawrence, Executive Director
Kim Oreno, Administrative Director