Human Resources Collaborative

Mission Statement: To be the primary advisory group for CAA members by staying ahead of current and upcoming regulation and providing the needed guidance, support and resources to be compliant and strategic with significant HR laws that impact our organizations’ risk and compliance initiatives, policies, procedures and best practices.

The HR Collaborative meets on the first Thursday of every month at 2pm.

Committee Chair

Jim Karras - Ambuserve, Inc.

Committee Members

Bob Adams - American Ambulance
Ana Arabyan - PRN Ambulance
Mark Baird - Amwest Ambulance
Katie Baza - City Ambulance of Eureka, Inc.
Tim Bonifay - Medic Ambulance Service, Inc.
Jaison Chand - City Ambulance of Eureka, Inc.
Erin Cocciolone - Liberty Ambulance
McKenzie Cox - Falcon Critical Care Transport
Martha Cornejo - Ambuserve, Inc.
Alex Dantzig - Heffernan Insurance
Ana David - Royal Ambulance, Inc.
Debbie Flood - Life Line Ambulance
Erik Peterson - American Ambulance
John Pritchett - Del Norte Ambulance, Inc.
Jeff Ruch - American Ambulance of Visalia
Phil Shannon - LegalShield
Jaison Chand, Ex Officio/CAA President - City Ambulance of Eureka