Operations Committee

The Operations Committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 9am. CAA members can obtain the meeting information in the website calendar. 

Committee Co-Chairs

Brian Meader - Medic Ambulance Service
Max Laufer - MaxCare Ambulance

Committee Members

Tom Arjil - AlphaOne Ambulance Medical Services, Inc.
Matt Armstrong - Guardian Ambulance Service
Mark Baird - Amwest Ambulance
Tyler Coats - Falcon Critical Care Transport
Rick Fields - PRN Ambulance, Inc.
Max Gorin - LifeLine Ambulance
Steve Grau - Royal Ambulance, Inc.
Robert Kiefer - Falcon Critical Care Transport
Boris Krutonog - Amwest Ambulance
Carol Meyer - McCormick Ambulance
RJ Morrison - Amwest Ambulance
Joshua Parker - PRN Ambulance
Mike Steele - Falcon Critical Care Transport
Barry Sutherland - NORCAL Ambulance
Alicia White - Citizens Medical Response
Brandon Zeledon - Amwest Ambulance

Jaison Chand, Ex Officio (CAA President) - City Ambulance of Eureka