CAASE Awards: Honoring Excellence in EMS

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$100 for CAA Members/$500 for non-members

Deadline for submissions is August 16, 2024.

The CAASE awards provides California ambulance operators the opportunity to be recognized for excellence, resourcefulness, and ground-breaking ideas. Ambulance companies may apply for any of our four award categories in the CAASE awards program, as follows:

  • Community Impact Program (open to any community-based program)
  • Clinical Outcome Project
  • Innovation in EMS
  • Employee Programs
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Sounds like a lot of work; what's in it for me?

This is a golden opportunity to tout your company’s accomplishments! Sharing your knowledge and ideas with your colleagues is the ideal way to demonstrate your company's commitment to excellence. By sharing your achievements, you help to set the bar for everyone else in California. Your willingness to share this information improves California’s ambulance industry and strengthens the profession.

Winners will be notified and the CAASE trophies will be presented during the Annual Convention . The trophy, a tangible reminder of your commitment to excellence, can be proudly displayed in your headquarters for your community to see and admire. In addition, all entries will be shared with the CAA membership on our website. This section of the website will serve as a resource to all members. Over time, it will become an important library for those seeking ideas and methods for improving operations and achieving excellence. The awards will also be announced in the CAA's newsletter, the Siren Magazine, and via mobile platform where it will be blasted broadly by email to the entire industry.

We'll help tell your community about your accomplishments

Award winners will be given the CAASE Award Winner logo. Having access to this logo allows award recipients to display it on their website, other social media sites, and other forms of marketing. Companies may also want to develop and display decals with the logo for placement on their ambulance fleet. Sharing with your community the recognition by the CAA of your accomplishments demonstrates evidence of your company's level of excellence. Award recipients will receive a press release template to facilitate sharing of information with your local media outlets. Additionally, the CAA will put out a press release announcing all winners.

Independent Judging and Feedback

The CAASE Awards are judged by your colleagues in EMS. With years of collective wisdom and a broad range of experiences, the panel of judges understand the trials, prospects and desired results that are integral in the EMS profession. As leaders who value creativity and innovation they can appreciate the complex demands of the industry and will provide thoughtful and useful feedback in the scoring of all entries.

Application Instructions

CAASE award entries are open to all ambulance companies/agencies operating in California. All entries shall include a Statement of Entry. Statements of Entry and all supporting documentation are submitted through our online form, with requirements listed below.

Supporting files for all entry types can include Word documents, Excel files, PDF's, jpegs, gifs, and links to video or other webpages. Any further supporting documentation may be provided in the link you will receive in your confirmation email. Statements and files will be submitted online and entrants can ship posters or other graphics to the CAA for display at the conference.

Entry materials will be retained and shared with CAA members and the public as best practices. By submitting the materials, entrants agree that all materials may be shared publicly and used by the CAA for marketing purposes.

Companies submitting an awards entry will receive an invoice from the CAA. CAA members will be charged an entry fee of $100 for each application/submission. Non-member companies/agencies will be charged $500 per entry.

Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged against their own objectives not against each other, in 4 equally weighted areas: Goals, Planning & Implementation, Project Results and Impact. Any judge having business relations with an entrant must recuse themselves from scoring that entry. Work completed within the last 18 months will be eligible for entry. All entrants will be notified of the results prior to the CAA Annual Convention. Winners will receive a Winner's Packet with press release templates and information on how their winning work will be showcased.