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The CMS Ambulance Cost Reporting season is here.  Ambulance Providers are in two groups: you WERE selected to report in “Year One” or “Year Two” or you WILL BE selected to report in “Year Three” or “Year Four.’  Whatever group you fall into, it is time to prepare. 

WHAT is Cost Reporting?

Cost reporting is your opportunity to report to the FEDERAL Government how much it costs to run your ambulance service.  The program requires selected providers to report to the federal government on 12 cost areas and revenue summary. 

WHEN is Cost Reporting?

Providers who were selected in Years ONE and TWO have started collecting data and will be required to submit 5 months after the end of the CALENDAR or FISCAL year (if applicable).

Providers who were not selected yet will be on the list for years THREE and FOUR (published by the end of 2022).  CLICK HERE to see where you fall in the schedule. 

How do I Cost Report? 

Attend this workshop to learn more!