Legislative & Agency Relations Committee

Mission Statement: The Legislative & Agency Relations Committee mission is to develop, monitor and address legislation and regulations that impact the industry. The committee is further charged with aiding the California Ambulance Association’s legislative advocate in representing the association within the Executive, Legislative and Administrative branches of state government.

The committee meets every other Thursday at 3:30pm. Please email [email protected] for information. 

Committee Members

Carol Meyer, Co-Chair - McCormick Ambulance
Todd Valeri, Co-Chair - American Ambulance
Bob Campbell - Falck Mobile Health Corp.
Erin Cocciolone - Liberty Ambulance
Max Gorin - LifeLine Ambulance
Steve Grau - Royal Ambulance, Inc.
Melissa Harris - Ambuserve, Inc.
JohnRey Hassan - Royal Ambulance, Inc.
Donna Hankins - American Ambulance
Brian Henricksen - AMR
Danielle Johnstone - NORCAL Ambulance
Jim Karras - Ambuserve, Inc.
Barry Sutherland, NORCAL Ambulance
Boris Krutonog - Amwest Ambulance
Max Laufer - MaxCare Ambulance
Kathy Loya - PRN Ambulance
Alan McNany - American Legion Post #108 Ambulance
James Pierson - Medic Ambulance Service, Inc.
Jeff Ruch - American Ambulance of Visalia
Sean Sullivan - LIFEwest
Ramit Sahi, NORCAL Ambulance
Jaison Chand, Ex Officio - City Ambulance of Eureka
Dorian Almaraz, Prime Strategies, Legislative Advocate
Rob Lawrence, Executive Director
Kim Oreno, Administrative Director